Wednesday, 5 April 2017

OOTN: Life is a cabaret!

Hi darlings,
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Les Folies des Lune "April Folies,' burlesque show with a few members of the society! I absolutely love attending their shows as they create a truly immersive escapist experience.

Although there was no dress code, I always aim to dress to impress but as I was still quite tired from finishing my dissertation I knew I wanted to stay comfortable. This year, one of my resolutions was to embrace a more pinup style so I dug out one of my new Lindybop skirts and eBay petticoats and threw together a look I felt would have fitted in at any Grease convention!

The skirt was picked up in the Lindybop sale and I bought a size 16, sadly the skirt is now out of stock but they have many still on their website with great discounts! I find Lindybop runs small and this skirt is snug around the waist so for comfort I'd probably go for an 18 (or lose weight...but eh.) The top was simply an H&M crop top and the boots are my trusty Hush Puppies Verona ankle boots!

For petticoats, I tend to get mine from eBay as petticoats can be stupidly expensive, the one worn above is 26" and is perfect for this skirt and to get that fantastic 50s twirl!

No vintage look is complete without hair flowers and I found mine on eBay (my best friend for budget pinup looks!) As this skirt has some lovely pink colours I chose a light pink rose and a fuchsia orchid, I got a lot of compliments so I think they were a success!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post, it is my first one so be kind but I am open to any tips to improve! Until next time!



  1. Girl, you slaying! Love that skirt so much, sucker for any outfit that give off 'grease convention' vibes!

    Char x.

    1. Aww thanks babe! Literally I was twirling around all night! Xx


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