Thursday, 29 June 2017

What to pack for Pride?!

Hi Darlings,

So London Pride is coming up in two weeks and many other Pride parades have already been and gone. Pride tends to be a long day with the parade starting at around 12 and then most events/after parties going on long into the night.

If, like me, you don't live round the corner from Trafalgar Square, then hopefully this post will give you some helpful tips as to what to carry in your bag to stay fabulous all day long!

  1. Use a bag that leaves your arms free! Pip for a rucksack or across the body bag so that you don't have to worry about constantly holding a strap to your shoulder. Even better is one with zips or can be fastened securely, it get's rammed in the square and you don't wanna accidentally lose your stuff.
  2. An umbrella! Last year, it rained for most of the afternoon and while glitter makeup can withstand most things it does put a dampener on the mood. Pack a small waterproof or umbrella, so that even if it is glorious sunshine all day, it's there for emergencies.
  3. Sunscreen! The flip-side to the rain coin. If it is glaring sunshine all day, make sure to whack on the sunscreen. There are very few shaded areas in Trafalgar Square and you will get sun-burnt standing there all day, and girl that ain't cute!
  4. A water bottle!! This is probably one of the most important items to pack. Regardless of weather, it gets warm being crammed among all the bodies and after screaming at the top of your lungs and singing like a deranged x-factor reject, it is essential to stay hydrated. Even if it us just to be able to carry on screaming.
  5. Sunglasses and blister plasters! Sunglasses are pretty self explanatory as are blister plasters. Protect your eyes from the rays and your feet from the rub. After all nothing should hinder you boogie-ing the night away.
  6. Cash!! This is one not often thought of. Around Trafalgar Square and Soho, there are very few cash machines. Equally, once you enter Trafalgar Square, if you leave, you have to queue for re-entry. It is well worth planning ahead and making sure you have cash on you, vendors often reject card.
  7. Something to wave! Whether this is a flag, a banner or a feather boa, get waving! I will personally be waving my bisexual flag very proudly. 
I hope you enjoyed this list, obviously this is not extensive, and while Pride is about individuality, fabulousness does not have to come at the cost of comfort! What is your Pride essential that you never forgo?

Until next time 


  1. Very insightful post petal! I always forget important things like plasters & sunglasses when I go places so advice like this is always a good reminder! This will be my first year attending pride & I'm so excited! I've got a gig in the afternoon/evening but buzzing to go for a bit to soak up the atmosphere! The rainbow font is a nice touch btw 😉

    Char xx

    1. OMG YAAAAS! My friend and I are actually organising a full day of it, as we have a place to stay. It is always just so much fun!! xxx

    2. I'm so jealous!! I'd love to make a day of it! Definitely next year!! Xx


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